Don’t Sign a Lease Without Kansas City Landlord Tenant Law Attorneys

A landlord tenant law lawyer in Olathe can help

Before you sign a lease, you need to know what you are signing. A lease is a binding contract that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even a simple apartment lease should be carefully reviewed to ensure that it meets the requirements of the landlord and the expectations of the tenant. Of course, the more complex the property, the more complex the lease will be.

An landlord tenant law attorney can help a tenant understand the lease and ensure that there are no surprises at signing or down the road. The Kansas City landlord tenant law lawyers at Schlagel Long LLC (SL) write leases for new and veteran landlords looking to rent out properties of all types. At SL, we ensure that the letter of law is followed when drafting a lease, and we take into consideration any unique needs our clients may have. Our firm handles a wide array of legal matters pertaining to tenant landlord law, including:

  • Lease writing
  • Contracts
  • Farm & agricultural leases
  • Oil & gas leases
  • Code disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • Evictions

When signing the lease isn’t the problem, you need an Olathe landlord tenant law attorney

While writing, agreeing to and signing a lease may seem like a straightforward process, not all landlord tenant law issues are as simple as that. If you are a landlord looking to evict an individual or a business from your property or if you are the one being evicted, the laws become considerably more complex and it is imperative that you have a seasoned attorney at the helm to steer you in the right direction, offer sound legal advice and represent you in all court, moderation or arbitration matters that can arise from an eviction proceeding.

A landlord tenant law situation can often evolve into an issue of business or civil litigation, areas in which we have a great deal of experience and knowledge that we will use to your benefit.

Don’t attempt landlord tenant law on your own

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