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Estate administration lawyers in Olathe ensure your wishes are carried out

Having an estate plan is an important part of planning your future. Powers of attorney, trusts, medical directives and even funeral arrangements are aspects of your life that, while not the most pleasant things to think about, should be dealt with while you are still able, so you can be sure that your family members follow your wishes, and to avoid leaving your loved ones a legal disaster while they are grieving.

At Schlagel Long LLC, our estate planning attorneys take the time to understand your family’s unique concerns and situation, including your assets, your thoughts on the risk of chronic illness and end-of-life issues such as advanced directives and medical care, help you decide whom you want to appoint to make decisions on your behalf if or when you cannot make them yourself, and raise the issues you need to consider and possibly decide, in case you aren’t aware yet of all those issues.  You are the boss, and ultimately we’ll draft only the documents you want, creating as simple or sophisticated an estate plan as you desire, after counselling.  Our Olathe estate planning lawyers can draft simple or more tailored wills, many different types of trusts (each optimal for different goals or concerns), including Spendthrift Trusts, Special (or “Supplemental”) Needs Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, as well as Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney, and if necessary, help you create Guardianships and/or Conservatorships.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, know that Schlagel Long LLC has decades of experience in Probate (in KS, and MO), as well as Administering Estates (probate estates, or trust estates that are handled outside the probate process).  Basically, all the legal and financial issues that a family must cope with after a loved one passes – we can help guide you through it.  That’s what we do, and we do it well.

We believe in the awesome power of [lawful] asset protection.  In our litigious society, there are unseen risks to your hard-earned savings potentially everywhere.  You do not want to remain needlessly (and blindly) exposed to the risk of frivolous lawsuits and runaway juries.  Every person who has amassed any significant savings or wealth (e.g., $500,000 or more) should be taking lawful, reasonable, and cost-efficient steps to protect what they worked so hard to earn and save.  Don’t think that only OB-GYN’s need to protect their wealth from lawsuits and other creditors!  You can and should protect yours too.  We can counsel you on your rights, the many asset protection tools and techniques enforced in KS and MO, and which tools are right for your situation.  If warranted, and you approve, we draft asset protection trusts to shield and safeguard your wealth.

Inheritor’s Trusts – if you anticipate possibly receiving an inheritance (anything over perhaps $200,000) then you currently have a phenomenally powerful planning tool that you should consider – but quickly.  Having this particular type of trust in place prior to the death of the donor (e.g., your parent, grandparent) and receiving the inheritance directly into such a trust, is a wonderful tool, providing vastly better Asset Protection for that money, which can last the rest of your life.  In the right circumstances, this is dramatically better than receiving that inheritance outright.  But if you wait until after the donor has died, or become incompetent (dementia, for example), then it may simply be too late.  And our Inheritor’s Trust is the perfect way to prepare to inherit money from a loved one’s estate, to invest in a new business deal or to transition your business and real estate to future generations.  Call for a free consultation, if this might apply to you.

We also develop gun trusts for individuals who want to purchase NFA weapons, including machine guns, short-barreled rifles, shotguns and silencers, without the consent of a chief of police. A gun trust is private, so you can leave your guns to members of your family without going through probate.

A digital age requires a digital estate plan

You are never too young to plan for the future. You never know what life has in store, and a solid estate plan will protect you and your family. We live in a digital world and you have to think about things that your parents never thought of. PayPal accounts, online banking, YouTube videos, computer files, e-mail accounts — if you die and no one has your passwords, things of value may be lost forever. Don’t think you have anything of importance stored electronically? Here are some important reasons for having a digital estate plan developed by our estate administration attorneys:

  • Making things easier for executors and family members — With password access, your executors can go through all your assets quickly and efficiently. Without the passwords, they may never be able to access important information.
  • Preventing identity theft — If you become incapacitated and your care is handled by someone else, you want that person to have access to everything so he or she can keep tabs on your accounts and deal with identity theft, should it happen to you.
  • Preventing content theft — Keep your files safe.
  • Preventing losses to the estate — If the executor of your estate can’t access your digital life, valuable items may be lost.
  • Holding onto your history — Family photos, journals and historical documents that you’ve electronically filed would be lost if your passwords weren’t passed on.

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