Overland Park Civil Litigation Attorneys Are on Your Side

Civil litigation lawyers in Olathe represent your interests

Simply stated, litigation is a lawsuit. When two parties have a grievance that they cannot resolve, they turn to litigation, where one party sues the other in the hopes of finding resolution. As civil litigation attorneys, it is our job to handle any litigation that comes your way, whether you are suing or are the one being sued.

Oftentimes, litigation is simply a part of doing business, and with a seasoned Kansas City litigation attorney by your side, you can handle the situation. At Schlagel Long LLC (SL), we have been litigating cases for more than 35 years. From pre-litigation advice, to mediation or arbitration, to trial and appeal, we offer a helping hand and a wealth of legal knowledge and experience. Our goal is to settle all litigation as quickly as possible while getting you the best outcome possible, whether it is through negotiation or trial. Our firm has managed a wide range of cases related to:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate & business litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Non-competition agreement
  • Professional liability
  • Business torts
  • Partnership and business entity disputes
  • Insurance defense
  • Real estate
  • Ethics disciplinary defense
  • Personal injury and medical malpractice
  • Wills, trusts & guardianships

Let our Olathe civil litigation attorneys keep you focused on what’s important

When you are bogged down in litigation, it is hard to focus on what’s important in life. With SL by your side, you can concentrate on the things that matter most. Whether it is a personal injury suit, an estate planning matter or a business issue, we use our experience and knowledge to build a strong case and work hard at getting a favorable outcome for you. Leaving the litigation to us allows you to focus on recuperating, planning your future or running your business because whatever the issue is, we are here to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let litigation take over

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